Artworks package

Bubble wrap rolls with foam layer

We have been packing art objects for over 10 years and our bubble wrap was developed specially for this.
Bubble and foam wrap is glued together which gives double protection to your products for the shipping process.
Foam layer doesn't leave prints on frame glass or your art object and the bubble layer absorbs shock and protects items from damage. So when you use our wrap, please pack your goods by contact with a foam layer.

We have 2 size options in art protection:
2m x 50m (2mm thickness) Large bubble wrap roll
1.2m x 50m (0.8mm thickness) Medium bubble wrap roll

We note that bubble wrap is used only for transportation, if you need to archive your art object, please use one of our other solutions like an archive box for art.

You can order bubble wrap online from our website or contact our manager by contacts, what you find on the contact page.
Prices for bubble wrap you can find in our e-shop at this page.
For delivery charge quotes please contact our manager as well.

Art archival box

For art or objects in singly (e.g. archaeological finds or antiquities) to save given condition it is important to use high quality PH neutral packages. 

We use high quality acid-free corrugated cardboard to produce archival boxes. You can order large or small archival art storage boxes in any size or foarm. Just send us the sizes of boxes you need and we will produce it.
We also provide standard sizes like A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10.

Our boxes can be used by artists, galleries, museums or just ordinary people.

Price of archival box is calculated based on corrugated cardboard price +100% for CNC machine and operator job.