Anti reflective glass

You can find anti reflective glass prices on our website. We also have a discount system depending on your glass quantity order. It applied automatically, when you form your order in the buy cart.
If you are planning to do a crate order, please contact our manager and he will make a special price for you.

We also have different glass sheet sizes in stock. It varies from 80x160cm to 221x316cm. 

This non-reflective glass can be used for framing pictures, making a showcase or vitrine in a commercial store or display case in museums.

Anti Glare glass also has ultraviolet protection, which is important for saving color pigments and avoiding fade out effect.

Groglass applies optical nano coatings with meticulous precision to ensure the highest percentage of light transmission glass coating. Unique coating design provides a neutral reflection color and high durability, blocking between 70 and 92 percent of the UV rays. See our Artglass AR70 and Artglass AR92 products for more information.

We also provide cut to size service, for more details, please contact our manager.

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